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Lakikid Wiggle Seats

Last updated on August 27, 2019


Lakikid Wiggle Seats for the home or the classroom. Designed to help students focus by allowing them to get the movement they need while staying seated.

I have to say… until receiving this, I had never before seen anything like it! What a great concept!

About the Lakikid Wiggle Seat:

Do you parent or teach a child who has:

Sensory-processing issues Autism (anywhere on the spectrum) ADHD / hyperactivity A simple case of the wiggles?

Try the solution recommended by therapists: the LakiKid wiggle seat cushion. Unlike big, bulky therapy balls, it’s super-slim, light & portable, so it’s ideal for both home & classroom. Best of all, it can help your wiggleworm stay focused during school, meals & homework.

Easy to Use

Simply use the free hand pump (included) to inflate your new wiggle seat in seconds. Pump it up to the max for a firmer yet wobblier seat – ideal for balance training. Or, fill with a little less air for more sensory stimulation.

Then position it on a chair or floor. Thanks to its slip-resistant design, it stays in place without sliding all over. Plus, with its rugged PVC construction, it can bear up to 150 lbs. … so tots, teens & even some adults can safely sit & stand on it.

Ideal for Autism & ADHD

One side of your new wobble cushion is smooth. The other side’s covered with slightly raised “bumps.” This highly tactile surface:

Helps kids with autism work off excess energy, stay calm & boost concentration Gives hyperactive kids an outlet for the fidgets… so they’ll bounce in their seats, not off the walls Helps kids work core muscles & improve balance & posture

Great gift for teachers & caregivers!

This is what it looks like. It is sitting upright in the photo….but when you are ready to use, you just sit it flat in your chair. 😉

  • Helps Curb the Wiggles: On 1 side, this fidget seat is smooth. On the other, it’s covered with little “bumps” for sensory stimulation… so kids can work off excess energy, stay calmer & focus better.
  • Takes Anything Kids Can Dish Out: Made of tough, anti-burst PVC, your therapy cushion safely holds up to 150 lbs. Stays put on a chair or floor without slipping & sliding all over.
  • 1% OF SALES GOES TO THE KULTURE CITY: Thank you for giving back with your purchase! Visit to learn more their #sensoryinclusive program
  • 30-Day Guarantee + Lifetime Warranty: Not happy for any reason? Return your wiggle cushion within 30 days for a full, no-hassle refund. Spot any manufacturing defects? We’ll replace it free anytime.

So, I have a daughter with ADHD. She is 13, and although she does not have ADD with hyperactivity, it is great to have something like this at dinner time and at homework time. She can still “wiggle” a little, but at the same time…it helps her to focus on the task at hand. Now since she is a little older, she was skeptical about what this “thing” actually was. It took a bit of coaxing for her to just sit on it and get comfortable. I attribute that to her being a teenager. 😉

I can also see this being a great tool in classrooms…from little kids up to older kids! You can find the wiggle seat on

Thanks for reading!

I received the Lakikid Wiggle Seat in exchange for my honest feedback. All opinions stated by me in this blog are my own.


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