Larger-Than-Life Lara – Book Review

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About the book:

This isn’t about me. This story, I mean. So already you got a reason to hang it up. At least that’s what Mrs. Smith, our English teacher, says.

But the story is about ten-year-old Laney Grafton and the new girl in her class―Lara Phelps, whom everyone bullies from the minute she shows up. Laney is just relieved to have someone else as a target of bullying. But instead of acting the way a bullied kid normally acts, this new girl returns kindness for a meanness that intensifies . . . until nobody remains unchanged, not even the reader.

In a unique and multi-layered story, with equal parts humor and angst, Laney communicates the art of storytelling as it happens, with chapter headings, such as: Character, Setting, Conflict, Rising Action, Climax. And she weaves an unforgettable tale of a new girl who transforms an entire class and, in the process, reveals the best and worst in all of us.

This is a powerful and emotional story, which School Library Journal called “Thoroughly enjoyable and unexpectedly wry, . . . as intelligent as it is succinct.”

This book is about Lara who is constantly bullied in fourth grade. It is an emotional read, full of ups and downs, but very good.
I think any young girl can benefit from reading this book. It teaches compassion and friendship and is very encouraging! Great read! 😀

I got this book for my 11 year old daughter. It took her awhile to get started, as she has so many books. After it sat in her room for about a week, she picked it up and started reading it. Although she hasn’t finished it, I can tell you that she is enjoying it. It has really pulled her in. She has already started to tell me about what is happening in the book, so I know that she is enjoying it. 🙂

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