Liquid Chalk Markers by Colore' {Review}

Liquid Chalk Markers by Colore’ {8 pack}

Color'e Liquid Chalk Markers8

Product Description:

Liquid Chalk Markers by Colore
★ FREE BONUS: One Silicone Pen Holder, Color Of Pen Holder Varies (pink, yellow, green, blue, orange).


★ FEATURES: Dual Tip Design Chalk Markers, Interchangeable Between Bullet and Chisel Tip.
★ VIBRANT COLORS: Available in 8 vivid colors including purple, white, blue, yellow, orange, pink, red and green.
★ BENEFITS: Fine tip liquid fluorescent neon marker for non-porous chalkboards. Allow users to make use well-defined lines and prevent smudging.
★ IMPORTANT NOTE: Works Best On Non-Porous Surfaces. Always Test On Small Area First To See If It Wipes Off.


These are so much fun, and work so well! The colors are bright and so vibrant. I like how you can change the tip, too, it’s nice to have that option.
It says to test your surface, because these are made for non-porous surfaces. I had a chalk board that I tested these on, and they worked well, and it came 100% clean. So I think that if you want to use these on a chalkboard, you should test first. I know that my chalkboard isn’t slate, so maybe that is why. These markers would also be great on white boards and windows. I highly recommend these, they are awesome to write with. My kids LOVE them, too!

Get them on!

Note: I was given this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

11 thoughts on “Liquid Chalk Markers by Colore' {Review}

  1. I love the bright colors of these! We have lots of fun decorating or windows and mirrors for different holidays with liquid chalk markers. I’ll have to check these out!

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