Loreal One Sweep Eyeshadow [review]

BzzAgent Goodies/Loreal

I’ve been meaning to get around to this review, but just kept putting it off. Seems like I’ve had lots of other things to blog about. πŸ˜‰
I feel like I SHOULD write up this blog post, though-as this product was a HUGE disappointment. I received this product, along with the “Double Extend Eye Illuminator” mascara, for free from BzzAgent. By the way, I love BzzAgent! (L)

When I first saw the “Loreal One Sweep Eye Shadow”, I had my doubts, but it was free, so I wanted to give it a go. Let me just start off by saying this product really could not have been thought out & planned out very well. It is just bad. Did a man come up with this idea? (no offense men)..lol! The idea is to sweep the applicator over the eyeshadow, then over your eye, so you can have your whole eye look done in one application. Umm….WRONG! First of all, that whole idea of getting it done in one sweep is ridiculous. Not to mention that the color is so light, you can barely see it with that one sweep. I will say however, the colors are pretty, and I can probably use them with my brushes, but that’s about all there is positive about this product — for me. Sorry, Loreal, but you guys really flopped with this one. πŸ™

So basically, don’t buy this. At Nearly $10, it is a total waste of money. Honestly, even if it were really cheap (cost-wise), it would still be a waste of money in my book. I know I’m sounding pretty harsh right? The thing is, I have to let you guys know, that I tried it–and I did not like it. I mean, this IS a review, right? Don’t just take it from me. Check out YouTube and look up this product. You’ll see.

So that’s it! As for the “Double Extend Eye Illuminator” mascara, I have to say I wasn’t really impressed with it, and would not buy it either. It just seems like it doesn’t lengthen very well. It almost seems as if enough product doesn’t get on the brush to even do anything. The opposite side with the gold color just wasn’t my thing, either… πŸ™

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