Making Your Garden A Private Space

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Your garden should always be a private space. Being part of your property, you should be able to enjoy the privacy of your garden as much as you do when you’re inside your house! But it doesn’t always work out that way, and sometimes you need to do something to secure the privacy of your garden, so here are a few things you can do!

Install Screens

Screens have an absolutely massive array of possible uses. All they are is plastic or wooden fence subsection that can stand up on it’s own, which makes them perfect for sectioning off or blocking parts of your garden! Some areas of your garden ruin the aesthetic of it and destroy the feeling of privacy, garbage cans, compost bins, even your fence gate can eradicate all feelings of privacy. Companies like Home Depot sell a huge range of different garden screens, with any kind of styling! It’s also important that your garden screen matches the rest of your garden. A wooden screen will look quite out of place if the rest of your fences are white and plastic, so make sure that it all looks of a similar form before you buy it!

Privacy Fences

If you want some privacy from your neighbours, or perhaps you live by a busy road, then privacy fences are the way to go for you. Privacy fences are made out of thick, unbroken plastic slats that are stand alone units by themselves. They are incredibly difficult to break, you cannot see through them and some of them are noise cancelling, excellent if you want to eliminate as much noise as possible! You can buy them from websites such as sell such privacy fences, the good bit about them is that they are incredibly easy to install as they are made up of one piece of plastic, so you need not worry about them collapsing when you are putting them into place!


Whilst you are limited to where you can put an awning, they are able to create a very intimate and private atmosphere when setup! Awnings are essentially a big outdoor tent, they cover a certain area with a piece of fabric that is held up into the air to create a roof like structure, but with very little support required! Companies like Sunsetter have many different kinds of awning for sale, but just like the garden screens, you have to make sure you like it before you buy it. Even more important, you must ensure it is the correct dimensions to fit your backyard, if it’s too big or too small you will definitely know about it as it will ruin the look of your garden because it will be out of place! But it’s avoidable, just make sure you plan properly for it. Awnings are the perfect settings for BBQs, so if you’re thinking of hosting one, read this.

So there you have it! These are the best ways to make your garden much more private, giving you the ability to relax in your garden as much as you would in the confines of your own home, so why not give one of them a go!

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