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My appointment

I meant to update yesterday, but it was a busy day for Jacey and I. After the appointment, we ate at Quiznos, then later in the evening I got to watching “Ghost Hunters”, and forgot…LOL! Oops! *blush*

So here’s how it went!

The appointment went great! Jacey & I heard the baby’s heartbeat, and I even recorded it on video w/ my camera.(since Jace was out of town & couldn’t be there). I wanted him to be able to hear it, too! *smile* The doctor said that the baby sounds very strong, and everything was great. It was so exciting to hear our little one’s heartbeat. This was the first time we got to hear it. At the last appointment, we just had the ultrasound, but didn’t get to hear the heartbeat. So this was something I was really looking forward to! *bouncy*

So our next appointment is on October 17th for an ultrasound, then a regular appointment. We are very excited, and can hardly wait to see the baby again! *bouncy*

Anyways, I’m so glad I took the video. I can hardly wait till Jace gets home today to view it!
I think that’s about it. If I remember anything that I forgot to add here, I’ll update this post!

Thanks for reading! *smile*

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  1. Pixie Pixie September 13, 2007

    So glad it all went well for you Sandy, and that you got to hear the heart beat the record it 😀

    You carry on doing so well

    Hugs to all
    Pixie xxx

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