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My Day

What a busy day. Well, with a “almost 1 year old” it’s always a busy day…LOL! I’ve managed to clean the house today, well mainly the living room & kitchen…lol. Jacey and I spent awhile outdoors, just because it is so nice & warm. I took some pictures of her and filled her little pool with water. I’m hoping the sun warms it up enough so she can play in it after her nap. 🙂

She is wearing the cutest little dress today (that daddy picked out for her). She has a little trouble crawling with it on, though…lol. (I’ll post pics to my flickr shortly).

I’m am wrecking my brain trying to think if I’ve remembered everything/detail for her birthday party. Gifts, cake, ingredients, decor, food (to grill), etc, etc..I hope I don’t forget anything!! Her party will be on her birthday, July 1st, which falls on a Saturday! I can’t believe it’s almost here!! Then exactly one month later, on August 1st, my son Brian will be turning 17! Yikes…LOL!! 😀 He doesn’t want a big “to-do” for his birthday. He’ll be happy with cake and ice cream, hehee, but we’re still gonna have a get-together with family and his friends, and grill out. It’ll be fun! I wonder if he’ll let me do a hawaiian themed party? HA HA! I would love to have those little bamboo string lights on the back deck, with all kinds of cute hawaiian decor..Oh wait, this isn’t MY PARTY, is it? LOL! 😛 Oh well…..

Ok, I’m off to upload pics…bye!! 😉

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