My Keto Lifestyle Diary: The Beginning!

So not so long ago, I decided that I wanted to change my eating habits, and have a healthier diet. I wanted to cut my sugar and carb cravings, get in shape and lose a few pounds in the process. I had heard a lot about the Ketogenic diet, and decided to learn more. What I found was very interesting, and I felt like it was doable! If you want to learn more, this video from Dr. Berg is a great place to start.


So what I want to do here in my blog is just kind of keep track of how things are going, how I am feeling, the recipes I try, etc.. I probably could have started this about 3 weeks ago, since that is how long I have been doing Keto now…but better late than never, right!? πŸ™‚ Here goes! Keep a lookout for more posts coming soon!

Great Keto resources that I have found very helpful:

Dr. Eric Berg’s Youtube Channel

Thomas DeLauer on Youtube

Thanks for reading! πŸ˜€


Author: Sandy

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