Nature's Hand Granola

Nature's Hand Granola

I recently had the opportunity to try out 2 flavors of Nature’s Hand Granola. I was sent 2 bags by the company to give my honest review. I chose Maple Pecan & Wild Blueberry. I got them pretty quick, and was so excited to try them out. I (& my family) love granola! I couldn’t decide which to try first, but my 6 year old daughter said “Wild Blueberry!” So Wild Blueberry it was. It had lots of little dried blueberries all through it, which was a plus! Everyone really enjoyed it….it had a nice crunch, but wasn’t as hard as rocks. I’ve had granola that was a bit too hard for my liking before, but this one was just right.
The Maple Pecan was the same—just right! I have to say that the Maple Pecan was my favorite—yum-yum! I love maple flavoring and pecans, too (hey, I’m southern). I rather enjoyed it πŸ˜‰
I think the we mostly all used it as a yogurt topping, but it is also great right out of the bag, or on oatmeal as well. There are so many ways to eat granola AND it’s healthy, too. Nature’s Hand Granola isn’t overly sugary. You feel like you’re eating something healthy (which you are), but it isn’t bland at all. It has just the right amount of sweetness. It is 100% natural with no sodium,artificial flavors or colors.
It was a big hit in our home, and we are definitely going to restock. I would highly suggest Nature’s Hand Granola. It is REALLY good! I can’t wait to try the other flavors. πŸ™‚

Visit their website to see all of their flavors & to learn more!

Author: Sandy

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