Naughty vs. Nice team challenge!

Swagbucks is getting ready for the holidays with a new Holiday Challenge. Starting Monday, Dec 9th, you can sign up for the Swagbucks Naughty vs Nice Team Challenge for a change to win up to 525 SB! Go to the site on Monday to choose your team, and start earning points towards your team starting Tues, Dec 10th. The winning team gets 25 SB — and the top earner for each team gets 500! Here’s how to contribute points:

-Search: 2 points
-Play Games: 3 points
-Watch SBTV ( desktop & mobile): 4 points
-Discover Special Offers: 2 points
-Take Surveys: 4 points

It’s an easy way to get more Swag Bucks out of what you already do online and a fun way to get gift cards even faster. If you’re not a member yet, sign up now to take advantage of this great Team Challenge to earn even more SB and get yourself a free gift card.

Author: Sandy

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