A new camcorder for me!

After looking for a little while at different camcorders. I decided that I would treat myself and bought this Canon Vixia HF R400.

New camcorder!

Of course it is for the family, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be the main person using it. 😉

My Canon t3i dslr {camera} shoots hd video, but I wanted something a little more light weight. That bad boy is heavy!

This Vixia is great because it is small, light and easy to use. It shoots in full hd, and I love it!

New camcorder!

Just a little video from earlier this month. {It’s kinda long..LOL!} {Be sure to click the little gear to view in HD} 😀

I’m going to have so much fun recording! Ha! 🙂

Author: Sandy

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