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The New Luxury Cat Hammock {Review} #PetMagasinCats

Last updated on August 27, 2019

Recently I was given the opportunity to test and review this super cute luxury cat hammock from Pet Magasan.. Maybe I should say for my cats to test and for me to review..ha!

Just a quick overview of what this product is, via Amazon…..

Product description

Everyone knows that taking naps is a cat’s favorite pastime. With the exclusive Pet Magasin cat hammock, your kitty or kitties will be able to indulge in the fine art of sleeping in comfort and real style, and look adorable while they’re doing it.

This hammock may be made for cats, but it’s truly a piece of fine furniture. The frame is made from solid hard maple — no cheap particle board, plywood, or plastic. The wood has a clear finish so its natural beauty shows through. Other materials include sturdy chain and other hardware of polished steel and the strong but soft fabric of the hammock bed itself.

The bed of the hammock measures 30″ x 20″ and the frame is 42″ long. This bed is big enough for even the largest cat to sprawl out on. It will easily support 50 pounds, and would also be good for a medium-small dog. The hammock comes with a machine-washable blanket that can be laid over the fabric of the hammock, making cleaning easier.

This item is shipped flat and is easy to assemble with the clear step-by-step illustrated instructions that are included.

It’s not often that you see a cat bed that you’ll be proud to have in your house, that looks stylish and elegant as well as cute, and that will be admired by your guests. Order your Pet Magasin cat hammock today; both you and your cat are sure to love it!

Pet Magasin is a company committed to manufacturing top-quality products for your pets.

Now let me say, I was super excited for my cats to try this out. I have 2 cats. Frosty is 14 years old and Leo is just over 1 year old. It looks so awesome and so cozy, for sure.

When I received this, of course it had to be assembled. It really wasn’t that hard to do, but looks can be deceiving. I mean, it looked more complicated to put together than it actually was. Nevertheless, I got my hubby to put it together, which really did not take much time at all.

I noticed right away that this product is made from solid wood. Nice! It is sturdy and well made….something that seems like it will last a good long time. I was pleased about that.

So the verdict?

Okay, so you know how cats are, right? Finicky! My cats didn’t really take to this right away but seem to be slowly coming around. I think my first mistake was not tying the ropes tight enough on the ends. When my older and most skittish cat got on, it did swing a bit much for his liking. I realized that the ropes needed to be tied much tighter so that the hammock did not move around as much. So, I think to play it safe it is good to start your cats off with those ropes tied tight so it doesn’t freak them out–haha!

Here is my Frosty on the cat hammock. He happens to love the super soft blanket that comes with it. Both of my cats do.


This is Leo giving it a test run…


Okay, I have to throw this pic in here.


My girls were using this as a bed for their stuffed animals! They occasionally play with it that way…haha! I mean, it is really cute! Those stuffed animals love it, too! 😉

Overall, this is a really neat product. It is solid and something I think your cats will enjoy…once they get used to it. Cats can be strange at times. 😉 Some cats might love this right away, but others may take a bit of time to come around to the idea of a hammock.

If you want to learn more about this fun product, visit the product page on If this is something that you are interested in for your cats, you can get 30% off on with this code: 5F2WSQO4

Thanks for reading–have a wonderful day!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Opinions stated by me in this post are honest and 100% my own.

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