New Things Going On

Really Cute things Jadyn does:

She will bring a dvd to us and say “watch it”. (So cute!)
She also gives us numerous hugs a day with a very cute “awwwww” with every hug she gives. It is really sweet! She does this ALL of the time! 😀

As for Jacey-she is really enjoying preschool. They are working on a Christmas Program. Every day when I pick her up-I see them just finishing up the songs and motions for the program. She is really into it-and is so CUTE! I can hardly wait to see the program!
Also yesterday she brought home a (paper) turkey that she made with the things listed on it that she’s thankful for. She said that she was thankful for: my family, Frosty (our cat), pies, cherries, and cool stuff for Christmas. LOL! I thought that last one was too cute!

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