NirV Minecrafter's Bible {Book Review}

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Do you ever feel like it’s more fun to exist in the computer world than the real one? Is that the only place you can control your destiny? Well, God is the original great world builder, and he gave us the power and the skills we need to make changes in the real world. The Minecrafterโ€™s Bible, NIrV contains the full text of the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) of the Bible (from Genesis to Revelation) as well as 24 color tip-in pages featuring full-color illustrations in the style of wildly popular virtual-world-building games. Featured stories include the days of creation and great builds of the Bible.

I love how there are so many types of Bibles coming out for kids now, that really grab their attention. A Minecrafter’s Bible. Who would have thought!?
What I really like about this Bible, is that it is easy for kids to read. It is also filled with color photos that feature the Minecrafting style.

Over all the Minecrafter’s Bible is nice, however I think it could have been made even better with a few extras: Reading plans, Devotions, Q&A, FAQ….you know different things that will keeps kids searching for more. Instead of it being a Bible with a few Minecrafting type photos, fill it with truly engaging photos, activities and more.

The hardcover is nice, but I do wish that the pages were a bit more durable. I know that most Bible pages are thin but for a kids Bible, I just wish they were a little bit thicker.

Overall, I like it. My kids like it, too! It’s definitely a Bible that grabs the attention of kids, and is a great way to get them started in reading the Bible. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can find the NirV Minecfafters Bible at

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