NutriONN Organic Coconut Oil Supplement {softgel}

Coconut Oil Supplement

I am a big fan of taking vitamins and supplements as I am sure you all know by now. I have used coconut oil in many different ways for a very long time. Did you know that you can ingest coconut oil as well?

Coconut Oil is rich in antioxidants and it also enhances absorption of nutrients and improves digestion. It provides a quick energy source and stimulates metabolism. It also produces immediate, usable energy source rather than being stored as fat. It increases metabolic rate, stabilizes body weight, and controls food cravings, and that just really touches the surface of how beneficial coconut oil can be.


This is such an easy way to get your coconut oil. This is actually my first time taking coconut oil in pill form and I am excited about it. It’s quick and easy, and the pills are actually easy to swallow. They aren’t too big, either. I’ve only been taking them for a short time, but I will continue to do so for all of the health benefits.

Suggested Use: Take 2 softgels twice a day.

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