On her way to walking!

Just about 3-4 days ago, Jadyn has started walking behind her little push-along baby stroller that we got her for Christmas. I guess I kind-of thought that she would start pushing it along, eventually?…. but nope! She walks right along behind it now. I REALLY need to get it on video-it is just so cute! 🙂  My baby is just growing up so quickly! She is quite the brave little girl! She can stand on her own as well….but when she actually realizes she’s doing it, she grabs on to me, or whatever is near…lol! I can just imagine all that she’ll be into when she starts walking….lol…she’s already into everything now…hehe!

Author: Sandy

1 thought on “On her way to walking!

  1. Adam does the same. I almost cried the first time he did it too, aboutish 2 more months and our babies will be true toddlers. Can you believe where the time has gone?

    I think it’s funny how our babies are pretty much right together on almost everything. hahaha


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