Online Shopping-Saving time & money?

As much as I love going into the stores, sometimes it can be really frustrating. The crowds are getting bigger & bigger the closer to Christmas it gets. Online shopping is just necessary at times. I shop online when I can get a great price, and get free (or low) shipping.

This morning I shopped a little online and found what I was looking for on sale for 30% off. It was 30% off a price that was already the lowest I’ve found, with free shipping & no tax. Yay! :o) I get excited over things like that, haha!

I’ve also purchased a few things last week with a few Amazon gift cards, and wanted to put those to good use!

There are also things that I have found in the stores on sale when they weren’t on sale online.

I know a lot of people prefer to shop online, and I love it too…but only when it saves me money. I don’t mind spending the time to hunt something down (online AND in store) if I know that in the end, the price I’ll pay is the lowest/best deal out there. πŸ™‚

So yes, in the end, I’d rather save money than time…if I had to choose! But saving both is awesome!

Author: Sandy

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