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Recently I came across this really interesting site called clipix. If it’s about organization, then I am ALL over it. Anything that can make my life easier and more organized, it’s for me! Clipix is that!

So, let me tell you a little about it. It is like a virtual clipboard. Want to save all of those cool gift ideas you’ve found in one spot? Add them to your board via the “Clip” button. Drag the “Clip” button to your bookmarks toolbar and voila! You can now add items to save to your boards just by clicking that button. You can create multiple boards for all sorts of things. A board for favorite hairstyles you’ve found online, a board for all of your favorite shoes, gift ideas, comparisons, anything you can think of. It is SO easy to do and lots of fun too.

I’ve created a few boards that I am currently working on. One of them is called “spring decor [accents]” It’s my board for home decor items that I have found across the web, perfect for spring-that I really love.


I know you’ll love it too. Go sign up and see how much fun it can be. It will make your life so much easier. Maybe you’re gathering party ideas for your little one, or are trying to decide on several dresses. Clipix is just what you need to pull them all together for comparison, for ideas, or for whatever reason!

Look at this short video for more info on Clipix:


Feel free to comment and tell me what you would use Clipix for. I would love to hear all of your ideas! The possibilities are endless right!?! Let me know ….what would you clip?

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Author: Sandy

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