Our Easter weekend…

It was a great weekend. Friday night, we went to Good Friday service at River City Church in downtown Fargo. We have been going there for Good Friday service for about 3 years I believe. 😀
On Saturday, we dyed eggs and watched Easter movies. We also wrapped up some shopping that we needed to do.

On Sunday….resurrection Sunday, we had an Easter breakfast at church followed by an Easter service. It was really nice. The girls wore their new dresses that they chose, and earlier that morning, before church they got an Easter basket filled with goodies. :mrgreen: We decided to have Easter dinner at the Spitfire grill. We chose to eat there last year for Easter dinner, and we really enjoyed it. Delicious food! So, we decided to do that again this year. It was a nice weekend.

Easter is a nice reminder of what Christ did for us. We should always remember that…not just on Easter, but every day. Just the magnitude of it….is really hard to imagine…but it shows you and I, just how much he loves us! Thank you Lord for your gift of Salvation!!! 😀

Here’s a couple of photos that I wanted to share. Have a great week!

Easter Sunday 2013 Easter Sunday 2013

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