Our weekend

Well, the weekend has just rushed on by (as usual) lol! Saturday we were planning on going to the ZOO in S.F., but it was cooler out, and a little windy, so we decided to postpone. We may go next weekend, depending on the weather. It’s very odd the weather lately. It usually doesn’t rain in the summer here, but it’s supposed to maybe tomorrow or Tuesday. We’ll see, I guess.

Ok, back to Saturday, we did some shopping, went out for lunch, pretty much had a busy day. Today, we just stayed in around the house. At about 3:00, Jace, Jacey and myself took a nap…lol. We got up early and were pretty tired. That nap was really nice…LOL!

Brian worked today & yesterday. He was supposed to get his first check today, but they gave him his w2 form late (grrrr), so he may not get it for a couple more days. He is really enjoying his job, though! I’m proud of him! He loves to work! πŸ˜€

Ok, and last but not least (as you can see), I changed my theme again, AND have added a tagboard. *yay* Now, just to remove that frame border from it (yuck)…I don’t like it..lol!

3 thoughts on “Our weekend

  1. Oh Sandy I just love this theme. It is so ME ha! I just woke up from the dumb bird outside my window. Girl I have to get your cats to come kill this thing. It never shuts up all night long.
    I am going to try to get back to sleep… 😯

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