Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale { A review}

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We have a new scale in our house. The Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom scale. I was beginning to wonder about our old scale. We’ve had it for quite awhile, and I really didn’t know if it was REALLY accurate or not. There are things that I really like about the Ozeri Rev bathroom scale. Here goes…

-First off, it is so thin and light. If I need to move it, it’s not heavy or bulky-which is a plus!
-It’s also sleek, and not an eye sore. Some scales are functional, but not so pretty to look at. I don’t mind leaving this scale out. πŸ˜‰
-I really like the big dial on it. It’s nice to have the digital function AND the dial. The numbers are big, so it’s easy to see, as well.
-It is also ready to use-right out of the box (as soon as you insert the batteries, of course!) It runs on 3 AAA batteries. Insert them, and you’re ready to weigh.{There is also a low battery indicator to let you know when the batteries need to be switched out.}

Step right on it and get your weight. You don’t have to tap it “on” first. It is ready to go. It’s durable. It’s made with an impact-resistant tempered glass for ideal stability, and a new built-in alarm that reminds you to measure your weight at the same time each day. I like that feature. {For me, weighing at the same time each day helps get the most accurate reading.}

I would recommend this scale for sure. My family of 4 has been using it, and I would say it’s the nicest scale we’ve had. If you want to find out more, visit the product page on Amazon.com. Lots of info (and reviews) there. πŸ˜‰

I was sent this scale at no cost to me for my honest review. Opinions stated in this blog post are 100% mine, and are what I personally think about this product.

Author: Sandy

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