Photo Deals

I just placed an order for 20 free 4×8 photo cards from Artscow. I only paid S&H. I can’t wait to get them to see what they look like! Doesn’t hurt to try them out for free, huh? I’ve ordered several things from Artscow, and I have to say that I love their mousepads. They do a great job on them! Want to get free stuff too? Go HERE!

Author: Sandy

2 thoughts on “Photo Deals

  1. oh, i LOVE artscow!!! i ordered the 50 free 4×6 and 5 free 8×10 – only paid s&h on them! they were a little slow to arrive but the quality was great! i will order from them again for sure! let me know how your prints turn out! ;o)

  2. Hmmm… I think I’ve heard of Artscow but I’m not sure. Do they make Xmas cards? I would love to have some made for Vanessa. By the way I need your address or so I can send you one! I’m on my way to check out Artscow now. Hugs!

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