Picky, picky!

The baby that not so long ago loved pretty much everything… has hit the “picky” stage.
Jadyn (my 14 month old baby girl) is starting to spit out food if it’s not to her liking or if she just doesn’t want it. Lately-it seems like it’s been everything! It can be so frustrating at times-and I sometimes worry if she’s getting enough! Today she tasted watermelon for the first time. She picked up a piece (a small piece) licked it, decided she liked the taste..then put it in her mouth. Not 2 seconds later it came out. That was pretty funny-but she is doing this to foods I know she likes. Hopefully this stage passes soon! 😉

Author: Sandy

3 thoughts on “Picky, picky!

  1. Haha – I’m 28 and I only eat ketchup on my burgers too! :p

    Iris has been doing this spitting out thing for awhile now… some days she eats fine, other days she won’t eat even her favorites, I don’t get it. I try to feed her only healthy foods but last night I let her have a kids meal at DQ – grilled cheese, apple sauce & strawberry slushee. She loved it!

  2. haha-thanks for dropping by Kasandria! My son (who is now 19) used to be that way, too! LOL!

    Shauna-I know how that is! I let Jadyn have fries at Culvers the other night-after I rubbed all of the salt off of them first–LOL! She’s been so funny about eating lately-even her favorites (like Iris)! Silly babies! lol

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