Pioneer Days at Bonanzaville

A blast from the past. The past as in hundreds of years ago. This is how it was back then….This is Bonanzaville!


Bonanzaville is one of North Dakota’s largest historical attractions. It’s spread out on 12 acres, and is filled with artifacts from North Dakota’s history.
On our visit, we learned a lot. It’s fun to tour Bonanzaville, but during Pioneer Days there is so much more going on. More attractions, people everywhere dressed as they would have hundreds of years ago, and much more. It’s a fun time where you also learn a lot…so it’s educational for all who visit.

Walking through the “town” there are so many old buildings filled with artifacts.
Bonanzaville-Pioneeer Days

Bonanzaville-Pioneeer Days


My girls always have enjoyed visiting Bonanzaville, but this time they got to see so much more. There were animals there, vintage cars & snowmobiles (this IS North Dakota you know!)…and more!

They also learned how clothes were washed many, many years ago. 🙂

Bonanzaville-Pioneeer Days

It’s always a great history lesson, and I’m sure we will visit again soon. 😀

I have a ton more photos of Bonanzaville from the three times that we’ve been. Check them out on FLICKR!

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