Preparing Yourself For Your First Concert

How exciting is it to get concert tickets to see your favorite band for the first time? The atmosphere, the music, the fact that you know you are about to get involved in something you’ll never forget is enough to have you bouncing off the walls with happiness. You’re going to a music concert and the seats are fairly close to the front of the stage, and you’ve waited for years for a moment like this one!


You need to prepare. A concert – especially an open-air concert – requires a possible overnight stay. Some concerts last for full weekends, which require extensive packing and the hiring of a tent or a caravan. Going to your first concert is a big deal, so here’s how you can prepare for it properly!

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  • Pack Properly. If you’re packing for a couple of days away, make sure that you pack the right amount of clothes but not too many. Pack something warm to wear and spare socks and shoes, too! Add some earplugs to the bag, too, as you can bet that if you’re close to the stage you’re going to get some serious beats drumming against your eardrums. You can learn more about what it’s like to wear a hearing aid to convince you to protect your hearing at all costs. It’s not a bad thing, but if your hearing is good, why change a good thing by damaging your ear drums? Equip yourself to avoid it!
  • Arrive Early. No matter the bands you’re about to see, the line will be early when you get there. If you have a VIP entry pass, you won’t have to worry too much about it, but general admissions lines tend to snake around the park or the block, and it’s important to arrive early enough that you’re not stuck at the back of the concert and unable to see much. Pay attention to your ticket and where you’re supposed to be on arrival, and make sure that someone else outside the concert knows your location, too. Just in case – it’s just smart.
  • Be Comfortable. Whatever you wear to the concert, you need to be comfortable in it. You could possibly be standing in line all day to get in, and then standing to watch your favorite bands take it away. If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’re going to be able to pay better attention to the show and much less attention to how uncomfortable you are. Watch the weather and dress accordingly for the day. If the concert is indoors, you want to be comfortable and not overly hot!
  • Eat! Before you get to the concert, eat a huge meal. Concert lines are notoriously long and you don’t want to be stuck in a queue for an hour just to get an overpriced slice of pizza. Eat before you go, and make it a big enough meal to line your tummy if you want to drink alcohol with your friends.
  • Want Merchandise? Everyone chooses to get their merchandise before or just after the concert. This is when the lines are busier, so you can try to get out of the concert a few minutes before the last song finishes and get in line. Alternatively, get there super early and be the first waiting for the stalls to open. You could even choose to order some merchandise online and wear it to the concert and save yourself any queueing at all!
  • Watch The Openers. You’ll notice at concerts that the supporting bands don’t get much of a cheer, and people don’t often pay attention. Well, Ed Sheeran and Nickelback were once openers for bigger names, and they made themselves huge. The opening bands are hidden talent, and they’ll be the conversation pieces beyond the main event you’re there to see. You could discover your next favorite band by paying attention to the openers!
  • Watch With Your Eyes. Sounds stupid, but how many smartphones are out during a concert? So many people spend their time watching through their phones and not their eyes it’s unreal. You’re in the middle of an experience, not just a concert, and that means putting your phone in your pocket and ensuring that you can watch the concert properly. You’ve paid money for these tickets and you should absorb the experience as you can see it and not through videos you then upload to Facebook.


A concert is an exciting experience every time, not just your first time. Pay attention and go prepared. You’re going to be able to enjoy it so much more with the tips above!

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