Professional Kitchen Bits Every Busy Mum Needs

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We can only imagine how stressful it must be to work the kitchen in a busy restaurant during a holiday weekend. But at least they have the saving grace of having all the professional equipment they need to do their job efficiently as a flood of orders come in from the waiting staff. For us mums, however, we have to make sure a delicious and nutritious home cooked dinner is on the table each evening, while also making sure the rest of the house is running smoothly, that the kids are content, homework is being done and the laundry pile is so high that we need oxygen masks just to reach the top. And they are just a few of the balls we mums have to juggle at the same time as doing the cooking, which got us thinking.

What if we could make the whole home cooking thing that much easier by using some of the bits and bobs professional kitchens use? Well, this little seed of a thought quickly blossomed into a need-to-know chunk of information and, as a result, we have come up with a list of things you absolutely need to add to your kitchen, whatever the cost. If nothing else, they will just inject another level of excitement into your kitchen life.

The Thermapen

We don’t like to use the name of a specific make and model when we don’t have to, but the Thermapen needs to be granted a super dose of kudos because it gives you an accurate reading in just three seconds which, as a rushed-for-time mum, is sooooo handy. The reason it is a must-have device is simple: food safety matters. That and getting your food to the right temperature will make sure you deliver meals exactly like the one in the recipe book.

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Going Sous Vide

One of the hardest things about being a busy mum that needs to have dinner ready each night is creating a little bit of variety, otherwise, the routine just gets a bit boring. But being able to cook things sous vide, like the professionals, always seem out of our realm. You know, things like perfect poached eggs and succulent salmon steaks and all of that. Well, that has all changed thanks to sous vide precision cooking machines becoming accessible to amateurs. Yup, the fun is about to be thrown back into your kitchen experience.

All-Round Knife Sharpener

The whole point of these gadgets is to make your life a little easier and a little more awesome. That is why you absolutely need to grab yourself a knife sharpener. Sharp knives equal easier kitchen life. Of course, Cut it Fine has a wicked selection of options for your to choose from but, for us, the only option was the rather convolutedly entitled Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect, which just does it all. It sharpens all your knife’s from straight edges to serrated ones, and even straightens any wonky teeth for you too. It is an absolute piece of gold dust because, as any chef will tell you, a good knife transforms your skills.

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Perfect Pizza Stones

There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t have an unhealthy infatuation with pizzas; perfectly browned and crispy pizzas. Mmmmm. Unfortunately, without going the full hog and building a brick pizza oven in your backyard, most amateurs don’t have a home solution because their ovens just don’t crank up high enough. That’s where the pizza stone comes in handy, especially the FibraMent Baking Stone, which can really deliver on the heat front. The other thing that will work is a BBQ grill mat. How has this made our essential list? Simple. Kids love pizza. Pizzas are fun to make. Pizzas are an easy way to experiment and shake things up. And pizzas are easy for mum when she has forgotten to go grocery shopping.

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