Random bargains I’ve found recently!

So I am really bad about posting these AS I find them. I know I have many other things that I wanted to share, but now have to go and dig them all up–haha! I remembered this one…a cute top…because I wore it the other day. πŸ˜‰

Who else gets excited when Kohl’s has an awesome clearance sale? ME! A lot of times you can find cute tops marked way down. Add a coupon on top of that and you can pay next to nothing at times! {Actually I should start a tab on my blog for all of the Kohl’s clearance finds, because I have found so many awesome things in that store alone! πŸ˜€ }

This top cost me $3.80. It is what you see in the picture. A layered look. A navy blue sheer top on top of a silky tank. πŸ™‚



It’s pretty comfortable. I just threw on some jeans and boom I was ready to go. A change from my regular yoga pants for sure–haha!

Also this! Fell in love with it!


Something for the table…to hold fruit or what not.


I absolutely LOVE thrift shopping. You can say that it is a “hobby” of mine. I love finding bargains! {But who doesn’t!?} πŸ˜€

I do have more things to share, and will post those soon!

Author: Sandy

12 thoughts on “Random bargains I’ve found recently!

  1. I just started shopping at thrift shops too and WOW! I’m getting new closes with tags still attached and paying $5 for suits, $3 for sweatshirts etc! I’m not telling kids where I’m getting them originally, LOL. with the tags still on them, they think I’m paying big bucks.

    1. One of our local thrift stores gets brand new Target stuff, it is awesome! πŸ˜‰ My kids don’t mind the fact that I sometimes buy their clothes at thrift stores. They like going {sometimes}, too! πŸ˜€

  2. I love that fruit holder, I totally need something like that for my house. It’s amazing the little bargains you can find when you are out and about shopping.

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