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Baking & trying new things has always been something that I like do to with my girls. Ever since my oldest daughter was a baby, we did baking & crafts together.

From simple box mix cakes that I modified, to more complicated & time consuming recipes, we love to try anything at least once! We also love to do crafts of all types! We’ve made homemade crayons, salt-dough ornaments, cinnamon applesauce ornaments & more. Honestly, with my girls, no matter if it’s a craft or a recipe, the messier it is, the better! *sigh*

One thing that we’ve recently done (a craft) is colored noodles. We were going to make necklaces out of them, but I also found that my girls just love playing with them. Sorting, lining up, you name it-colored noodles are fun. Of course, making jewelry with them is lots of fun, too!

Here’s what you do to make colored noodle necklaces. It’s very easy, and can be messy so watch out! 😉

You will need embroidery floss, or any type of thin jewelry cord/string, dry noodles, food coloring, rubbing alcohol, paper napkins, and little snack bags with a zip closure.

Choose dry noodles of all shapes & sizes. Choose noodles that have a hole in the center so you’re able to slide them onto string or thread.

Place them into a plastic zip baggie.

Add just enough rubbing alcohol to cover your noodles, but not too much.

Add a generous amount of food coloring to the bag. You can add just a few drops for light coloring, or more for a deeper color.

Close the bag and mix ingredients until color desired.
Lie out on napkins in a single layer to dry. Make necklaces!

It’s THAT easy, and the noodles are so vibrant…kids love them! They turn out so colorful!

See! Pretty, right?

Speaking of recipes and fun.. the Clorox brand has a new website:
Recipes for Fun!

They have all sorts of fun ideas like crafts, wacky experiments & more for you to do with your kids. There are tons of ideas there from moms like you & me!

Why Clorox? Well, every recipe for fun needs a recipe for clean-up! Not only are there oodles of fun ideas, but they also have GREAT cleaning tips, so after your activity with your child, whether it be arts & crafts or a yummy recipe, Clorox can help you clean up the evidence in a snap! It is so fast & easy to clean up with Clorox Spray cleaner. Visit their “Recipes for Fun” site to find great, fun ideas to do with your kids, then read more about how easy clean-up is with Clorox. With three varieties: original, citrus scent, and Clorox with bleach, you’ll find it so much easier to clean up those messes! So have fun, make a big old mess, (or let the kids), and don’t sweat it. Clean up is a breeze! :mrgreen:

Make sure to visit Clorox’s Facebook page & “like” them for coupons & more!

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