Growing in Godliness: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Maturing in Christ [Book Review]

Growing in Godliness: A Teen Girl's Guide to Maturing in Christ
Your teen years matter. Of all the ways you're learning and changing during the busy teenage years, your growth in Christ is the most important. God intends to use your teen years as a launching pad into a lifelong pursuit of looking more like Jesus. This book will help you prioritize your Christian growth—pointing you to the resources God has given you in his Word, in prayer, and in the church; 

….offering help for managing your emotions, watching your words, and bearing spiritual fruit; and challenging you with ways to center your life around this important task.

Even as a teenager, you have all it takes to grow in godliness.

We’ve had this book in our home for awhile now. It is a great book for girls to guide them through their teen years. It is simple, straightforward and Biblically sound…as well as beautifully done. I would recommend this book to anyone raising girls. It is so helpful!

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