The Rock Crawler RC Car – A Fun Remote Control Car for Kids!

Check this bad boy out!


I recently got this Rock Crawler for my kids but mostly for my hubby–haha! No really! I thought my kids would like this. My hubby has a remote control car already, so I thought it would be fun to have another so that the kids can play, too!

This is a really cool car with big wheels. I guess I should say “truck”, because it is actually a truck. πŸ˜‰
It climbs over obstacles with ease, and is super easy to “drive.” My 8 year old daughter has no problems maneuvering this truck forward, backward, and all over our yard! It looks really cool, too–right?


So here are the stats! This is listed on

This Rock Crawler Truck is Massive (1/14 Scale / Over 12 inches long), and makes a brilliant gift idea for any child or adult. 4×4 remote control car for kids with oversized tires enabling it to adapt to off-road and tricky obstacles in its path (off road, climbing over pebbles and large stones, grass and paving is not a problem)
The rock master rock crawler has high strength shocks you normally only see on more expensive RC car vehicles. This awesome rock crawler remote control car for kids even has fully working headlights!
BONUS! Comes with everything included, even all required batteries, plus even an extra set for the car itself – 6 x AA for the crawler and 3 x AA for the controller. It’s a much safer option than remote control toys that come with a rechargeable battery pack.

What do we think? This is a super fun toy! It is not designed to go VERY fast, so that it can be controlled easily by children as well as adults. It is a lot of fun to watch it go over sticks and rocks off road, as well as over pavement. We give it a thumbs up! πŸ˜€

Rock Crawler

I received this Rock Crawler in exchange for an honest review.

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