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Sick and Tired of Thrifting the Old Way? 3 Ways to Upgrade

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Do you have the best thrift find of all time? If not, you can learn how to thrift like a pro and start collecting items. It costs an arm and a leg to buy designer clothes, bags, and jewelry. If you need such things, then you should start bargain hunting at thrift stores. You can visit a flea market, garage sale, or thrift store, where you will find slightly used items at a lower or discounted price.


Thrifting has become more popular than ever, and almost everyone is learning tricks and hacks to thrift like a pro. It has multiple advantages, such as it can be friendly to your wallet, and it is an easy way to go green. It is also in a thrift store you will find items that can be hard to find in other stores. If you’ve been thrifting in the old way or instead experiencing challenges when doing so, here are a few ways to upgrade.



Do you know when thrift stores have sales or put out fresh delivery? If not, it would help to know that the first step to thrift like a pro is by researching various thrift stores. It would be best if you explored those near you, in other neighborhoods and major thrift shops in town.


While at it, you should also find out how they sell. Do they prefer walk-in buying or online selling? It can save you the hassle of traveling only to find that they don’t allow walk-ins. Ensure you jot down the dates when they bring in new items when they have significant offers and exciting discounts.



There is so much you should plan for if you want to upgrade from thrifting the old way. You can start by planning for your outfits. Keep in mind what you want to buy, from color to material and tops and jeans. Choose a specific outfit that can go well with a walking cane and other accessories, such as a designer watch. 


It would help if you also plan for the décor you want and toys to buy for your kids. Thrift stores have a lot to offer, and without a plan on what you want to buy, you may end up buying things you do not need. So, decide on the aesthetics you are going for to know what kind of items to buy. However, don’t have high expectations as it is unlikely to find the exact items you want in thrift stores.

Don’t Be in a Rush


It takes time to find the right items in thrift stores. For this, you need not be in a hurry. To thrift and find gems, you should shop till you drop. But at the end of it, you will find value in your effort when you buy items at a lower discounted price.


If you are thrifting clothes, try everything to ensure you buy the right size and check if the clothes are torn. It should take you approximately two to three hours to find what you are looking for. Also, inspect all sections in any given store. You should check from home décor to furniture and clothes to toys for the best thrift find.


If you plan to go on a thrift shopping spree, be sure to use these tips to shop like a pro. It is advisable to be highly selective of what you buy and always ask yourself whether it is worth it to make the right decision.

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