How A Few Simple Builds Can Increase The Price Of Your Home Without Busting Your Bank

Whether you want to refresh your home with a bit of simple redesigning, just bought the property and want to personalize it, or perhaps looking to sell and hope to get an increased price, a few simple builds can breathe life into your home. When you decide to renovate, the main aim is to enhance the property without trying too hard and making it into something it’s not. Anything structural will require a building notice and an application for a permit by local authorities. You may also want to focus on the interior look of the property, so if you’re planning on remodeling any rooms, an understanding in modern, contemporary decor is appreciated. However for the exterior you have many simple options. Take the planning process slow, and decide what takes precedence on your list of improvement; there may be certain things about your home that have been bugging you for a while. Home experts want versatility, so even if you’re looking to add value to your home without busting the bank account, implement a few simple ideas to totally change the look and feel of your home.

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An open driveway

Your driveway will be one of the first things visitors, onlookers and buyers see, therefore it sets your home apart from the generic house and instantly adds value. Building a driveway isn’t as complex as you might think. The first step is to clear a certain plot of land. Make the space you need, it should be able to fit an average family car and have room to spare so getting in and out isn’t a tight squeeze. Do you want a single or double driveway? This depends on the space you’re willing to commit to.

    For a two-car driveway, the width of your markings should be around 10 feet, and the length, 12 feet.
    Lay the markings down either at all four corners, so you know the space you’re working with.
    After you have cleared the land and dug 2 inches deep into the topsoil, flatten it and rake the soil evenly.
    Lay down an accurately measured layer of weed barrier to protect from unwanted growth spurts.
    Place a timber or clay border around the edges and knock it into the soil before you lay down the weed barrier.
    Next, spread gravel all over the intended area and rake flat, walk around on it to make sure the surface is even. You could also use a compactor, and use the vibrations from the machine to get a smooth finish.
    You could leave it as it is with the gravel as the top layer. However, you’re free to cement and brick the driveway for an extra smooth finish. This may be costly, so an affordable alternative is to have your driveway asphalted.

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A relaxation area outback

When most people think of a patio, they just see a small area, in the back garden, with a couple of deck chairs and a plastic table with one leg missing. However patios deserve more recognition, for it, you truly design this lounging area effectively and a touch of style, it can add enormous value to your property. A patio can serve as purely a relaxation spot, where you can lay and read a book, or possibly watch over the grandchildren as the play in the garden. It can be a spot where you can socialize and enjoy a barbecue in the warmer months. Consider how the patio is going to look, is it going to square, round or free-flowing? There’s so much you can do with the design, but there are basics you must follow to achieve a standing base.

    Draw the plan of how the garden will mold into the patio area and the access from the back room of your house.

    Mark the immovable objects you want to be placed, such as plant vases and possibly a fountain area. Mark the brick layers, the height, outline, size, and shape of the area.

    Follow the exact instructions of as laying of the driveway with regards to the foundations.

    However, rather than bricking the area, patios do well with rough cut stoning, which gives the garden and patio a natural look; especially in keeping with the aesthetics of wildlife.

    You could plant flower bushes around the outside of the edging to make a sublime summer retreat and add to the natural botanical look.

The electrical needs will also need to be planned, so the area has sufficient lighting, such as lamps merged into the brickwork sitting atop. You could, however, place lights that are solar powered around the patio and thus have an automatically lit area that is also economical. These type of lights won’t be very bright, but a great addition to a traditional lamp, so the wiring isn’t complex. Additionally, to protect from the rain, a gable patio is a simple but effective structure to have overhead. With modern technology, you can also insulate the two ceiling panels, so that you’re warmer during the winter months and the floor of the patio is actually cooler during the summer months. This kind of structure adds value to the home because it makes a patio lounge area accessible at all times of the year.

Man cave office
Source – Yasuhiko Ito

Home office addition

Most people would like a space in the home where they can sit and do their work; it could be anything from working out the taxes or carrying their occupation home with them to get extra done. A simple room conversion into an office is a great idea which doesn’t really take a lot of prior planning. Choose a room that you don’t really use or so no reason to have as it’s wasted space. Simply buy a work desk, preferably one which has drawers either side. Next, buy a double armrest chair with a leather upholstery and woolen cushioning. A medium-sized cabinet where one may store their files, papers and perhaps shelves or display their achievement or the things that matter to them, fills the room’s unnecessary empty space. The desk is more than likely going to need a computer, so invest in new wiring. A simple electrical extension lead that is connected to a side plug, which leads underneath the desk would suffice. A lamp for the desk creates an image of professionalism and invites an individual to work comfortably without the need to have the room light on during the night.

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