Simple DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas

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I hate wrapping gifts, everybody else seems to get it nice and neat with ease, while mine come out as a crumpled mess. If only there were more interesting, and sometimes easier ways to do it. I’ve got good news for you, there is! There are plenty of simple DIY craft projects you can do to make some great alternatives to wrapping paper. These are some of the best ones.

Plain Brown Paper


Plain brown paper doesn’t sound like much of a craft project, but it’s what you add that makes it great. Simple, rustic looking designs are in at the moment so people will really love this. Just get some cheap brown parcel paper and then some festive colored twine, and maybe a few holly leaves. Adding these little touches turns a boring brown package into something a lot more festive.



Origami gives you so many possibilities for gift wrapping. You can make all manner of little paper animals to put into gift bags or on the outside wrapping paper, but that’s pretty advance. What you can do fairly easily though, is make a little box. You can find origami box instructions online and they’re simple to follow. Get some nice colored card and get folding. The extra effort you’ve put into making the box makes the gift all the more special, and you don’t have to mess around with wrapping paper either.



I feel like mason jars filled with all sorts of different things are everywhere these days. They’re especially popular for Christmas gifts. Instead of wrapping things in paper, why not get a mason jar and a collection of small gifts that you can make into a nice package? You can decorate it with string, or spray stencils on there with glass frosting spray for a snow effect. The possibilities are endless really, and popping things in the jar takes all the hassle out of wrapping.

Potato Chip Bags


One of the cheapest and funnest ways to wrap a gift is to use an old potato chip packet. Obviously, you need to make sure that you wash it out properly and dry it so nobody gets little bits of potato all over their gift. Once it’s cleaned and dried, just pop your gift inside and tape up the open end, no more folding and sticking multiple sides of wrapping paper.

Shopping Bags


When you’re at the supermarket, you aren’t likely to get any nice bags that you can gift wrap things in, but if you’ve been to a clothes store you might have something a bit classier lying around the house. As long as you cover up the store name with some festive stickers or bits of holly, there’s no way anybody could tell the difference between that and a gift bag that you’d pay $5 for. It’s also worth keeping any gift bags that you receive gifts in, you can reuse them next year for your own wrapping needs.

Even the worst wrappers in the world can make something great with these simple craft projects.

2 thoughts on “Simple DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas

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