Slowing Down This Year to Enjoy God and Your Loved Ones

Life can certainly come at you fast. With the start of a New Year, you may feel overwhelmed by an anxiousness convincing you that you need to put yourself into overdrive in order to make the most out of the time you’ve been given. While slowing down may not allow you to get the most done in a little amount of time, it will help you make the most out of the moments God has blessed you with. This year, take the initiative to pause and stay in the moment in order to strengthen your relationship with faith and enjoy your loved ones more deeply.

Make your family’s health a priority

A healthy family is a happy one. Taking care of your family’s physical and mental wellbeing will help support a stronger bond down the road. In fact, physical and mental health are only two of many additional factors that lead to your household’s wellness. Make it a priority to foster an overall healthy family relationship to tackle many of these associated concerns.

Never be afraid to ask for help either; if it’s clear that you or a family member need additional interventions such as therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder, an eating disorder, depression, or anything else, get them the help they need. It’s far better to do this than just hope the problem will go away on its own; it won’t, and your loved one will only get more unwell. 

According to research done by Northwestern Medicine at Northwestern University, a healthy family not only prioritizes doing physical exercises togethers but also communicates openly, trusts one another, and consistently makes time for each other. Building a healthy family leads to less psychological stress as strong relationships are linked to minimize cortisol production (the stress hormone!). Benefits also include individual members exuding higher self-confidence, which can help your children resist pressure to partake in destructive or reckless behaviors.

Simplify your routine

When life gets hectic, you’ll feel tempted to multi-task. If not, how else will you possibly manage to cross off everything on your and your family’s to-do lists? It can be tempting to juggle everything for the sake of productivity, but sometimes doing so does more harm than good. When you do this, you may just be sacrificing quality for quantity and causing your family more stress in the long-run.

In actuality, multitasking bogs down productivity because the brain cannot effectively toggle between large tasks. We complete 50 percent less when we attempt to do too much. Single-tasking is the practice of slowing down and focusing on one thing at a time, and doing so deeply without distraction. This will not only boost efficiency but will also help you to destress. To help support single-tasking, minimize the amount of things you have scheduled in a given day. Whether it’s a personal to-do list or appointments, be intentional about not allowing things to overlap, providing time for your family to take a break and reset.

Study the Bible together

One thing that certainly deserves your undivided attention is God’s word. With a newly simplified schedule, carve out time each week to gather your family together and study the Bible. This will not only bring you closer to God but allow your family to break away from their busy lives, slow down, and focus on reconnecting with one another. There are tremendous benefits of studying the Bible as a family, including building a spiritual intimacy that can lead to deeper trust and ultimately create a healthy family relationship.

Encouraging your family to take turns leading weekly study will also help them slow down, reflect on scripture, and strengthen their faith. Bond further as a family by including Biblically- focused Christian movies into your study. This will force your household to place life on pause for an hour or so to indulge in fun and captivating movies with powerful messages.


Unplug your technology in order to truly connect with your loved ones. Putting the phone down will additionally aid in single-tasking, helping you stay in the moment and dedicate all of your attention to your present task. This is especially important if you’re trying to spend time with your loved ones! Get a basket or box and have your family put their electronics in it several times a week. Even if you only stay unplugged for 30 minutes at a time, this will provide intentional time for your family to bond in a state of full clarity and consciousness. This will lead to deeper conversations and greater memories shared.

This can additionally help your family grow closer to God. Disconnect in the hours after service, allowing your household the opportunity to more deeply reflect on the messages offered. Going completely unplugged during your family’s Bible study will also allow you to stay present while absorbing His word, leading to a household full of love and faith.

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