Snow Ice Cream?

YES! This is something I have been wanting to try, and am not quite sure why I haven’t until now. I mean, we HAVE been living in North Dakota since 2007! 8)

So yesterday after Jacey got home from school, I was all ready to go! I had the ingredients on the counter waiting (except for the snow.) The snow was already in a bowl on the front porch.

Snow Ice Cream!

Snow Ice Cream!


2 cups of milk
1 cup of sugar
1-2 tsp of vanilla
a large bowl of clean SNOW

I found the recipe on pinterest. There are a few different versions of the recipe, but this is the one I chose to do.

We mixed the ingredients together, and it was neat seeing how the snow was being “transformed”. It was quick and very easy to make. I will say that the snow starts to melt, so be fast. :mrgreen:

Here it is! Snow Ice Cream! I have to say, it was pretty tasty!

Snow Ice Cream!

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