So you might have heard…

That I had a birthday. Yes, recently (on December 15th) to be exact, I turned 41. *GASP* I have to be honest and say, as far as turning 41 goes, it did not feel any different…LOL. It was really just another day. 🙂 A good day it was, though. My hubby bought me a new Willow Tree collectible. The “Je t’aime” (I LOVE YOU) one to be exact. I have 3 now, and just love them! 🙂
My girls sang me Happy Birthday, too…without any prompting by their dad..LOL! I told my hubby “NO CAKE”, really just because around this time of year, I’m eating way too many fattening things as it is….didn’t need even more, ha! We did go out to dinner however, don’t laugh but I really wanted Taco Johns that night (SO healthy, right!?). We decided that will go to a nice sit-down restaurant soon, though. Maybe Kobe’s Japanese (we LOVE Kobe’s) or a place we haven’t tried yet… See, I am SO easy to please, haha! 😉

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