Somebody Stop Me! [haha]

I LOVE books! I just love to read! I am in Heaven when I am in a thrift store and am surrounded by CHEAP books…seriously! I always find the best ones, too!
Just lately, I’ve found out that Amazon has a “Bargain Book” section. I have always loved shopping on Amazon for books, because they usually have the lowest prices compared to book stores online or local. Now I can go through the bargain section and search for books under $5! I bought 4 books today on Amazon. Three of them were under the $5 section, and one was under the $20 section (it was $11). Yay me! As if I don’t already have a stack of books by my bed to read…LOL! I will read them, though! :yes: Anyone else do this too? πŸ™‚

Author: Sandy

2 thoughts on “Somebody Stop Me! [haha]

  1. I had to make myself stop buying books a couple years ago. I would go to Borders or Barnes and Noble or the antique stores and buy armfuls of books. I have so many books I’ve yet to read. When I can make a significant dent in my collection, I’ll start buying books again. Though I do make exceptions once in awhile. Such as the Hunger Games books. Some books need to be bought and read without putting it off.

  2. Yes, I have a stack of books to read as well. I can’t help it. Buying and buying. Besides Amazon, I find great deals @ too. Love reading!

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