SpalonTech Cellulite Cream with Caffeine and Seaweed Extract {Review}


Product Description:

SpalonTech Cellulite Reduction Cream is a powerful solution that is going to help you with tightening and toning your skin and help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

This is a Professional Strength Formula we are NOT water based. Our #1 Ingredient is Organic Aloe and #2 is Pure Coconut Oil, which leaves your skin hydrated, moisturized and with No Sticky, Greasy Felling after you apply it on your body.

SpalonTech Cellulite Reduction Cream is:
Safe & Effective for all Skin types, including sensitive skin.
We are Paraben Free.
Smells Great, Light Citrus Smell.
Gentle & Non Sticky.
Abundant in anti-oxidants to Fight Inflammation.

So far, I really like this cream as far as how it applies and how quickly it dries. The scent is nice as well. As far as results, I still probably need to use it a bit longer,{I’ve used it for 2 weeks} but I have seen minimal results so far. I totally understand that with creams like this, it can take a few weeks to see real results. I will say that this is a cream that I have really stuck with and have been using every day. Why? The main reason is because it is so easy to apply and dries so quickly. I’ve used other creams in the past, that frankly I just gave up on because they were just too greasy and sticky. I’ll continue to use this one and finish the bottle, and will update on results. 😉

I received this bottle of SpalonTech Cellulite Cream for my honest review.
You can find out more about it on

Author: Sandy

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