Super Bright-LED Colorful Bike Wheel Lights

LED Rim Lights

Product Description:

-Light up your bike at night with the Speed Racer rim lights – Choose from three different styles
-Motion sensor LED technology ensures durability along with 50,000 hours of lifetime
-Easy to install – simple attach LED wheel flash light to valve stem on bike. Fits almost all bikes.
-Package includes A 3 pack of 2 x green 2 x blue 2 x colorful LED Valve Bike Lights
-Speed Racer is rust resistant, 1100% waterproof and usable through any terrain.

So, I have mixed feelings on this product. The idea is great! What kid would not like lights on their bike wheels?

The issue that I have is that when I received them, there were no instructions in the package. At first I thought that they did not work, but after reading another review on these, realized that I had to remove a little tiny piece of paper from on top of the battery–of each light to get them to work. That did the trick!

After putting them on my 2 daughters’ bikes, I realized that only 2 of them worked. I will say that the ones that worked, worked very well. They flashed brightly in multiple colors. My girls loved them! The solid colors however barely lit up. You could actually not even tell that they lit up at all when on the bike. Maybe just a couple in the batch that were bad, I suppose? Otherwise, it’s a really neat product!


If you want to learn more about these LED lights, visit! πŸ™‚

I received these bike lights in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback.

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