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Super Awesome Bargain!

I have to share this really cute purse that I found on clearance at Kohl’s! It is a Vera Wang purse in a sort of ombre purplish color.

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This was a pretty good deal day! {Clearance Sales!}

I headed to Walmart today to spend my $66 in cash back that I received from Savings Catcher. {By the way, I LOVE Walmart Savings Catcher!} If you have not signed up for it, you must! If you shop at Walmart regularly like I do, the savings REALLY add up fast! πŸ˜€

This trip I picked up a handful of grocery items, some cute tank tops for my daughters among other items…but also scored a few deals along the way. I perused the clearance aisle which I love to do–and pretty much always do when I go to Walmart. I found this! read more

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{New} Thrift Store Finds!

I go thrift shopping weekly. Sometimes more often. I love being able to find a bargain. I am obsessed with it–haha!

Here are a few of my latest finds….. read more

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A Thrifty Find {Kids books!}

I always, without fail visit the book section every time I visit any thrift store. These are my recent finds. πŸ˜‰

Charlotte’s Web. This is a large read along edition. It’s a hardcover with a jacket, and only $2! I love Charlotte’s web, and my girls do too! πŸ˜€ read more

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Children's Book Deals

I love finding books on the cheap at my local thrift stores. Honestly, I hardly ever buy a book full price, unless that is, I’ve exhausted my search for a used/discounted copy. I feel so smart when I find the books I’ve been searching for in a thrift store..hehe! Even when I find books that I hadn’t been searching for! :mrgreen:

We have one thrift store that has a bookshelf filled with children’s books. They also have a little box with plastic bags in them. $3 to fill a bag! Let me tell you, if they have decent books, then I’m going to FILL IT UP! Check out the books I’ve bought recently. $3.00 for all of these books. You can’t see them all (they are stacked), but I got 43 books! All in good to great shape. (I always try to make sure that a book isn’t written in doesn’t have any ripped pages.) πŸ˜€ read more

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Some super [game] deals I've found!

Ok, you know me. I love to shop…and I LOVE when I find myself a bargain. The other day while I Walmart my hubby found the cutest game for the girls for the PS3. It’s called “Start the Party” and it was in the $5 bin. A lot of times games in the $5 are really BAD and not fun at all or have horrific graphics…lol. This game didn’t fit into that category, it is actually pretty cute & fun! Read more about it here. Maybe you can check your Walmart & see if they have it. [It works with the “Playstation Move”.]

So yes, my hubby actually found THAT deal…but I kept on looking and found a computer game called “Vacation Quest – The Hawaiian Islands”. It’s one of those “look & find” type games…again in the $5 bin.[Rated “E” for everyone]. I thought that Jacey would enjoy it. She likes the “I Spy” books and such….so I thought it would be fun. I picked it up and put it in our cart as well. I wanted to make sure the games were $5, so I scanned them at a price scanner. Yep, the PS3 game was $5 (yay), and the computer game scanned…..get this…… .56 cents! No kidding! That deal was even [way] better than I thought. Score! read more

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Another thrifty find or two!

Thrift Store Finds

More deals from the thrift store. I love this photo frame & wine rack! We needed another wine rack with that case we ordered from V. Sattui! πŸ˜‰ I love finding bargains–and cute ones too! I also found the basket at a thrift store a long time ago. Perfect for the wine bottle opener & accessories!

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Thrift Store Find [bag]

A nice big bag! πŸ˜€ I love bags…LOL!

Thrift Store Find

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Recent Thrift/Discount Store Purchases [books]

I love going to thrift stores! One thing I love to do is scan through the book section. Recently, while out–I found a few books that I have been wanting, (and some newly discovered while scanning the book section) for next to nothing! Here’s what I found!


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