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Soft Pumpkin Cookies

This is the season for pumpkin, and I love just about ANY recipe with pumpkin in it. Here’s a recipe for some delicious pumpkin cookies that are delicious and not too sweet. The frosting (recipe below) adds that extra sweetness to them. Enjoy! 😉 Pumpkin Cookies (makes 24) 1 cup…

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A yummy fall treat!

Pumpkin Cookies with cream cheeses morsels! Yummy! These were so good! 😀 These weren’t a homemade recipe. I spotted these in the store and bought them. {The ready to bake kind!} 😉 Jadyn told me they were the best cookies in the world…LOL! I have to say, they were REALLY…

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{3 ingredient} Peanut Butter Cookies – Easy!

Fast & easy to make! The kids will love helping with this one! Yummy! -1 cup of PB -1 cup of sugar -2 eggs Mix until everything is blended together nicely. Form 1 inch sized balls of dough and place on cookie sheet around and inch or two apart. {Parchment…

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Baking is something I love to do. My girls also really enjoy it as well. Just a few pics of the goodies we’ve had recently! After supper last night I made these yummies for my girls. They were a big hit. Added a little bit of whipped cream, too! 🙂…

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Yummy [pink!] Valentine Sweets

I made the cupcakes for my girls to frost & decorate (although this one-I did)…and the big cookies–I made them for my little sweethearts! The rest of the cookies were hearts in various sizes and I let the girls frost & decorate those as well. 🙂 Along with all the…

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

These cookies were delicious! Jace’s grandmother made up a jar with the ingredients..all layered very pretty! All I did was add the egg, vanilla & butter. They were a hit! 😀

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Christmas Cookies-part 1

This is part of the 1st batch of Christmas cookies that Jacey & I made. We took them to her preschool, so that she could share with her teachers & friends. 🙂

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Chewy with a little crunch

Jacey & I made these yummy cocoa crispy cookies the other day-and they are pretty tasty! 😉 Here is Jacey eating some of the cookie dough–hehe! Don’t they look good? I’ll be back to post the recipe (in this post) a bit later. 🙂

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