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5 Outdoor Projects to Get Your Yard Ready This Spring

  The arrival of spring means the start of the gardening season for many. If you have a garden, this is an exciting time of year as you get the opportunity to return to a hobby you love. You’ll enjoy the experience much more if you address certain tasks and projects early in the season. Gardening requires sticking to a… Read more »

Butterfly Island {Spring 2014}

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This is my butterfly island this spring! A little different than last year. 😉 I had to replace a few plants (perennials), because they didn’t make it after our winter. I was so bummed that my Azalea bush died. They are one of my favorites! I kind of thought they might not, even though they were “supposed” to be ones… Read more »

Ready for another project!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot. The Butterfly Island is complete and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. It was a fun project to do! I think my favorite part of the project was choosing the flowers. It was great to pick out all sorts of beautiful flowers. Before this… Read more »

Our [finished] Butterfly Island

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Our Butterfly Island is completely done now. What a project! It was a lot of fun. I had some help with this project. My hubby and his parents. His mom went with me to do the shopping and helped me plant the flowers. My hubby and his dad did the digging so that the butterfly island would be level. (Our… Read more »

DIY Projects and the Home Depot

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I am really excited and anxious for warmer weather to arrive here in North Dakota. Sometimes it comes early, sometimes just a little bit later than we want. I love gardening. Every spring I look forward to getting outdoors and planting flowers, shrubs, and doing various outdoor projects. I love to be outside and love to keep busy! Last year… Read more »


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If you love gardening, DIY, decorating (& more) you have to check out hometalk.com! It has been awesome for me, as I am learning a lot about growing flowers & trees. What it is, is a community of people who share the same interests, whether it be about landscaping, home decor, and lots more. Hometalk is where homeowners, renters and… Read more »