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The Alphabet Garden

So if you know me, then you know I absolutely love flowers and gardens. Recently, my youngest daughter and I went to Yunker Farm. It is where the Children’s Museum in Fargo is located. We haven’t been in a few years, so we took a little drive over and had…

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Some new plants this Spring!

Over the weekend while we were out shopping for our home & garden, the girls and I chose a few plants that we really liked. I chose the hybrid aloe vera. I LOVE aloe vera, I am always drawn to it. The girls have always loved cacti {or cactuses—whichever you…

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Excelerol Brain Supplement {a review}

Recently I had the opportunity to try a product called Excelerol. Excelerol is a brain supplement that is scientifically formulated to help with memory, concentration, focus and alertness. It is a non-prescription brain-health formula that can help support your most valuable asset: your brain. I knew that I wanted to…

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