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Fun with the Gnome Selfie Stick! {Review}

I thought that it would be fun to post this silly pic we took the other day. Ha! I just got a new selfie stick: The Bluetooth Selfie Stick By Gnome Workshop

I’ve had others, but this one has it all! It is bluetooth and easy to use. It extends very far, but folds up nicely so that you can drop it in your bag and take it on the go. πŸ˜€ read more

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"How will the world end?" {Book Review}

“How will the World End?” by Jeramie Rinne

About the book:
Christians believe that history is moving towards a dramatic conclusion – that one day Jesus Christ will return in glory to judge the living and the dead. But there seem to be so many different views about how this will happen, and when it will take place. How can we make sense of it all? read more

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Publisher Plus for Mac – {REVIEW}

Publisher Plus for Mac

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. read more

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Quaker Oatmeal Squares

I have to write a post about this delicious cereal! I recently received a free box + samples in the mail from BzzAgent. Now, I have already tried this cereal prior to getting them from BzzAgent. They sent me a NEW flavor that I hadn’t tried before. (Honey Nut) I was excited to dig right in! πŸ˜‰ Why? Because I already love Quaker Oatmeal Squares, and I knew this would be great….and it was! I love the new flavor. My hubby & kids do too! read more

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Nero Kwik Media [Review]

I recently had the opportunity to download and test a product called Nero Kwik Media. I was really excited to do so, because I am all about organization and having my photos exactly where I can find them. I also love to create photo books and do it pretty often. When your photos are organized, it makes it so much easier to create projects like a photo book for example. Nero Kwik Media did just that. It got all of my photos on my hard drive organized for me so that I could create a new book.

As for creating the photo book itself, it was pretty simple & straightforward. It wasn’t hard to do by any means, but there are probably a few kinks that Nero Kwik Media could work out, just to make things a little bit easier. There were a couple of times that I got a little frustrated with it all, just trying to find my way around, but overall it wasn’t bad. Hey, I am usually the person that will take FOREVER to create a photo book anyway, just because I like to cover every tiny little detail. I comb over my pages over & over to make sure I don’t miss a thing, or to see if I could add more…ha ha! read more

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Nature's Hand Granola

Nature's Hand Granola

I recently had the opportunity to try out 2 flavors of Nature’s Hand Granola. I was sent 2 bags by the company to give my honest review. I chose Maple Pecan & Wild Blueberry. I got them pretty quick, and was so excited to try them out. I (& my family) love granola! I couldn’t decide which to try first, but my 6 year old daughter said “Wild Blueberry!” So Wild Blueberry it was. It had lots of little dried blueberries all through it, which was a plus! Everyone really enjoyed it….it had a nice crunch, but wasn’t as hard as rocks. I’ve had granola that was a bit too hard for my liking before, but this one was just right.
The Maple Pecan was the same—just right! I have to say that the Maple Pecan was my favorite—yum-yum! I love maple flavoring and pecans, too (hey, I’m southern). I rather enjoyed it πŸ˜‰
I think the we mostly all used it as a yogurt topping, but it is also great right out of the bag, or on oatmeal as well. There are so many ways to eat granola AND it’s healthy, too. Nature’s Hand Granola isn’t overly sugary. You feel like you’re eating something healthy (which you are), but it isn’t bland at all. It has just the right amount of sweetness. It is 100% natural with no sodium,artificial flavors or colors.
It was a big hit in our home, and we are definitely going to restock. I would highly suggest Nature’s Hand Granola. It is REALLY good! I can’t wait to try the other flavors. πŸ™‚ read more

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Loreal One Sweep Eyeshadow [review]

BzzAgent Goodies/Loreal

I’ve been meaning to get around to this review, but just kept putting it off. Seems like I’ve had lots of other things to blog about. πŸ˜‰
I feel like I SHOULD write up this blog post, though-as this product was a HUGE disappointment. I received this product, along with the “Double Extend Eye Illuminator” mascara, for free from BzzAgent. By the way, I love BzzAgent! (L) read more

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Hormel Compleats Kids' Meals

Just last week, I received a package of goodies in the mail. It was 4 Hormel Compleats meals for kids (and coupons).

Hormel Compleat meals read more

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Clairol-Nice & Easy Color Blend Foam -Review

This is a review on Clairol’s new Color Blend Foam Hair Dye. I received this free from Clairol (a coupon), so I wanted to give it a try. Let me start off by saying that this is really easy to use. It goes on with no drip at all, and you can get it on your hair fairly quickly. That is where the positive ends. read more