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Fun Snow Days {even with just a little snow!}

We haven’t had a whole lot of snow here yet…but all my girls need is just a little bit. They have such creative imaginations, and always come up with something fun to do outside! Just wanted to share a few pics!

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What rainy days are for…

Dressed in our gear, going for walks, splashing in puddles….

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Wednesday Morning

I woke up again today at 6:30 a.m. wide awake! I get my coffee and a little computer time–so I’m not complaining. πŸ™‚
Today it is supposed to hit 80 degrees, the warmest yet this year. The girls and I will have to go out and take advantage and maybe play in the sprinklers or something. We did that a little yesterday while I was watering the grass, and it was fun! Jadyn just loved it-and of course Jacey did. She squeals and has the best time!
We are going to have to break out the pool(s) for the girls soon. That will be so much fun! Come on summer time!! πŸ˜€

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Flooding and bad weather…

The last thing we needed was a winter storm on top of everything else. While we in West Fargo seem to be safe (due to a diversion that was put in place years ago) ,there are lots of people that will lose so much due to the flooding that is predicted to happen. The red river has already risen so much-and is now predicted to crest at 40+ feet. My hubby was out Monday & Tuesday helping sandbag all day long. Yesterday the weather was pretty yucky, and we had an appointment to go to (Jadyn’s 1 yr. well check). Today I guess Jace will find out if they need to go into the office-or if they can go out & help with more sandbagging.

Read more on the weather in our area HERE. read more

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This weather is a tease!

Ok, so a high of 45 today is not bad. The other day we got up past 55…and now this afternoon and tomorrow we are expecting light snow…and then a high of 34 tomorrow! All not bad, and way better than negatives..LOL–but I am SO READY for warm weather. That high of 55 the other day was such a tease…ha ha! It was really nice out!

I don’t want it to snow anymore………

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Yet another blizzard…

Seriously–winter needs to take a hike now! lol
This was taken Tuesday!

Blizzard  [3-10-09]
Click to view larger!

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random stuff

So my blog needs a new and super cute look! Hopefully I can find the time to change it up! Today I’m gonna be super cleaning lady…my house needs it! What I really need to do is stop procrastinating…not with cleaning, but with other little projects I need to do. New Years resolution!? I think so! lol πŸ˜€

Yay for Friday-woo-hoo! I think we may be getting a bit more snow…guess we’ll have to just wait & see!
I have to be honest and say that I am ready for spring. How nice it would be to walk out the door with my girls (and not take 20 minutes to get dressed & bundled), and go for a walk without freezing. Lately, it’s just been to cold to go out at all. :-/ read more

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Today's weather!

We are having a full-on blizzard right now! Yikes!
This photo is looking out of our family room window….

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So snow already!

Ok, if it’s gonna be this cold-then it should just go ahead and snow already! lol
Yes, call me crazy, but I wish it would snow. My daughter Jacey is wishing for snow as well. She wants so bad to go out & play in it. I know that soon enough we will have more than we want and our winter will seem to last forever-yes, but still! πŸ˜‰ Come on-snow! πŸ˜€