Take A Leaf Out Of Clark Griswold’s Book This Christmas

For many Americans, watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is something of a family tradition. If you’ve never seen it, one of the main plot points is that Clark, the lovable Dad is eager to make Christmas magical by using his bonus to buy a pool. The bonus never arrives of course, and it leads to various comical events, but at one point in the film, you do see this dad’s vision of what a pool could bring to his family home.

In the summer, it seems to be the perfect place for the kids to play and the adults to relax. It’s also a place where the extended family can come together and have fun as a group. It’s a rather enticing image and one that perhaps you have considered before. But could you make it a reality for your family this Christmas?

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What Type Of Pool Could You Get?

Before we look at the cost, let’s first thing about the type of pools that you can think about bringing into your family. First, there’s the above ground plastic pool. Don’t get the wrong idea here because these can still be more than large enough for the whole family to go for a swim. You might find that if you have the land, this is the best value option that you should consider. It won’t cost tens of thousands and can be set up fairly easily. But, it also means that it’s slightly more flimsy and will eventually break.

You could also consider buying an above ground wooden pool. Slightly more expensive for sure but also more durable. It does take a little more time to build, but it is also an undoubtedly impressive addition to your home.

Of course, the big one is that built-in pool that can be brick and mortar or even fibreglass. This will provide you with the perfect pool aesthetic and be an incredible new feature for your garden. But you will be looking at a price tag of at least fifty thousand, and that’s not including maintenance?

Trouble With Maintaining Your Pool

Maintenance can add a few hundred onto the cost per month, and you don’t want that. It will mean that the price of this dream home addition suddenly balloons. Luckily, you can avoid this by purchasing the right accessories and add-on features. The top rated pool covers, for instance, will keep the muck and leaves out of your pool, and that means it will need to be cleaned far less often. A good filter can also ensure that you can keep the same water for longer. In the short term, these things are going to add to the cost, but in the long term, they could be well worth it.

Is It Safe?

Ah, a question you should definitely be asking if you have little ones running around the house or perhaps even grandchildren. To make sure that your pool is safe, you need to invest in fencing around your pool. That way, you can make sure that the kids don’t jump in without your supervision.

The bottom line is that a new pool could be the perfect present for the whole family this Christmas and you’d be crazy not to consider it if you can afford it.

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