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So today Jacey and I didn’t do too much but stay around the house. It was hot today, but definitley not as hot as yesterday. Man, yesterday, I thought I was gonna die!! LOL! it was so freaking hot!!! Today, we were gonna head out and and run a few errands, and also try to find Jacey a pair of white sandals, but I was kinda tired today, so we didn’t. Besides, we have the whole weekend to do so. 😉 She needs a pair of white shoes to match her 4th of July outfit! 😀 She actually has 2 (red, white and blue) outfits…LOL, I couldn’t resist! The pair of white shoes she has now don’t really fit right. They are kind of narrow….

Anyways, potstickers & veggies are for dinner tonight. Jace just made some. *Yummy* Gonna go, more later! 😉


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