The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water (Book Review)

The Girl who Could Breathe Under Water Book Cover The Girl who Could Breathe Under Water
Erin Bartels
Fleming H. Revell Company

"An anonymous letter from a Very Disappointed Reader sends a novelist back to the lake where she spent her childhood summers in order to prove that what she wrote happened the way she'd remembered. But the truth turns out to be far more complicated, showing that sometimes the story we think we're telling is another story altogether"--

The best fiction simply tells the truth.
But the truth is never simple.

When novelist Kendra Brennan moves into her grandfather's old cabin on Hidden Lake, she has a problem and a plan. The problem? An inflammatory letter from A Very Disappointed Reader. The plan? To confront Tyler, her childhood best friend's brother--and the man who inspired the antagonist in her first book. If she can prove that she told the truth about what happened during those long-ago summers, perhaps she can put the letter's claims to rest and meet the swiftly approaching deadline for her next book.

But what she discovers as she delves into the murky past is not what she expected. While facing Tyler isn't easy, facing the consequences of her failed friendship with his sister, Cami, may be the hardest thing she's ever had to do.

Plumb the depths of the human heart with this emotional exploration of how a friendship dies, how we can face the unforgivable, and how even those who have been hurt can learn to love with abandon.

My Thoughts:

This is a story about long kept secrets and healing....a love story, friendships, a story about growing up. I enjoyed this read. It kept me interested even though there were some parts that were unpleasant. It really makes you stop to think about your childhood memories, how you remember things versus how they happened in another persons eyes. I would recommend it. It is a good read, easy to get through, and keeps you interested. I would also be interested in seeing what other books this author has to offer. 🙂

I read the Kindle edition of this book. It is available on as well as a physical copy of the book.


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