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The new ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker at Best Buy!

Last updated on September 30, 2019

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Hey old-schoolers! Do you remember back in the day when you used to listen to your favorite tunes on your boom box? Didn’t we all have one of those? I used to love my boom box! It was so awesome because I could listen to it in my room, take it out in the yard with me while sunbathing, or to the beach. It was pretty cool if I may say so myself. I had a pretty awesome collection of cassette tapes, too. You know, like Duran Duran, Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam, Corey Hart, Def Leppard. Wow… brings back memories! 😉

Well, guess what? You can have that Boom Box again….BUT with so many more awesome features! Best Buy is bringing it! Check this out:

The ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker: Modern with a retro look!

ION Boombox Deluxe

The ION Boombox is an 80’s-style retro stereo cassette boombox. Just like your old boom box back in the day, it has an am/fm radio with a cassette player. {I know you must have some old tapes lying around, right!?} It can record onto a USB stick so that you can archive your old cassettes, and also has USB playback capability. Sounds good, right? It also records onto cassette from the radio, built-in microphone or external source, and VU meters help adjust your recordings to an ideal level. Can you say UPGRADE!? 😀


So……what would a Boom box be these days without bluetooth capability? Yes, you can stream music wirelessly from any bluetooth enabled device with this Boombox. Dual full-range speakers pump out powerful bass and clear highs and bass and treble controls give you exact tonal customization. Plus it runs on AC or a long lasting 10 hour rechargeable battery. If only my Boombox back in the day had all of these features. 😉

All features:

Plays back multiple formats
Including WAV, MP3s and even stereo cassettes.

Built-in Bluetooth
Helps stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Built-in AM/FM tuner
Lets you listen to your favorite stations.

Radio to cassette recording
Records onto cassette tape from radio or with built-in microphone.

USB input
Provides USB playback capabilities.

28W peak output power (14W RMS)
For sound you can enjoy.

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
For easy portability.

Bass and treble controls
For exact tonal customization.

Two VU meters
Help adjust your recordings to ideal level.

You can check out the ION Boombox Bluetooth Speaker at Best Buy for more information. Prepare to be WOW-ed!
Thanks for reading!

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