The Radish Store – Set of 4 Melamine Picnic/Dinner Plates!


I am a sucker for cute dishes, whether it be plates, bowls, cups or glasses. I love them all!
I recently received some melamine picnic/dinner plates in the mail from a company called The Radish Store.

Yes, Melamine! It has been around for a super long time, and is still popular today because of it’s durability and sustainability. πŸ˜€

I really wanted to have some cute dinnerware for the times we are eating outside on our deck. I thought these would be just perfect for that. Truth be told, I find myself reaching for these all of the time. If I am not reaching for them, then my girls are. They love using these plates. πŸ˜‰

This design is called “Papaya”. How cute, right?



What makes these plates so great?

-They are durable {this melamine is tough stuff!}
-They are eco-friendly {BPA FREE!}
-They are top rack dishwasher safe
-They are just plain cute! πŸ˜€

To find out more, visit The Radish Store!


About The Radish Store:

The Radish Store is a family company that specializes in fun, bold designs. They are passionate about creating products that are unique, and high quality.

You can also find this set on AMAZON.COM.

I received a set of these beautiful plates in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback. Opinions stated in this blog post are truthful and 100% mine.

9 thoughts on “The Radish Store – Set of 4 Melamine Picnic/Dinner Plates!

  1. katrina g

    that looks like a super cute plate. we love fun plates and cups around here. tHe crazier the pattern the more fun it is.

  2. Christina

    We just broke another plate two days ago. I could really use these for me and the kids. Durable and cute!


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